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How to Fit in a Workout While You Travel?

How to Fit in a Workout While You Travel?

Traveling plays damage with workout plans. The time wasted waiting at the airport, the lame jet lag, and not doing your daily gym or visiting running track at hand, are just some of the most common issues. But not all is…

Instagram to Remove Influencers' Branded Posts
Social Media

Instagram to Remove Influencers’ Branded Posts

Instagram is cracking down on influencers’ branded posts more harshly. The company announced that, although it’s always prohibited branded posts that advertise vapes, tobacco, and weapons, it’s going to start enforcing those rules more strictly. The company will start putting…

How to Auto-Delete your YouTube History?
Social Media Tech

YouTube Expands its Anti-Harassment Policy

YouTube announced on Wednesday that an expansion of its anti-harassment policy that will ban video creators from insulting one another based on their race, gender expression, or sexual orientation. The ban will also take effect if a creator insults a…