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Thousands of Disney+ Accounts Hacked
Tech World

What to Expect from Disney+?

Disney is about to launch its streaming service, Disney+. Disney+ will feature Disney movies, original movies and TV shows, etc. The streaming service is expected to rival other streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, etc. Here…

Spotify to Pause Political Ads

Spotify Launches Spotify Kids

Spotify has launched a new app called Spotify Kids. The app is meant to provide a safe space for kids to explore and listen to music. The app was launched first in Ireland, includes around 6,000 tracks, all of which…

Yahoo is now Shutting down Yahoo Groups
Social Media

Yahoo is now Shutting down Yahoo Groups

Yahoo is shutting down Yahoo Groups on October 21st, 2019. Although not used much now, groups once served as a place for discussion on interests, such as TV shows and computing topics. You can still find groups with thousands of…

YouTube Makes Major Changes to its Kids' Content System

YouTube Makes Changes to its Verification Program

After some major changes to its policies in the last few months, YouTube is now making changes to its verification program. The changes will make it difficult for growing channels to get a verification mark beside their channel name. The…