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Twitter plans to remove inactive accounts and releases the usernames
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Twitter CEO’s Account Hacked!!!

Last Friday, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s twitter account got hacked by a group called the Chuckle Squad. The hackers tweeted racial slurs, anti-semitic messages and at least one Holocaust denial from Dorsey’s account. Some of these offensive tweets were up…

Reddit will now Let iOS Users Share Content to Snapchat
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Reddit Testing Live Streaming Tool

Reddit is testing out its first live broadcasting tool. The tool is being called “Reddit Public Access Network”. The website will let eligible users’ to live-stream to a new subreddit called r/pan. If successful, the feature could help Reddit take…

Tech CEOs Join Hands with major YouTubers to help Save the Environment
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YouTube Sues Copyright Troll over Extortion of Creators

YouTube is suing copyright troll, Christopher Brady, for using YouTube’s copyright claim system to extort money from creators. The platform is using Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s (DMCA) provision to go after Brady. The suit concerns fraudulent takedown claims, seeking compensatory…