Month: September 2019

Spotify to Pause Political Ads
Tech World

Spotify getting Siri Support

Spotify is finally getting Siri support with iOS 13.1. You can now play songs, albums, and playlists via Siri. Spotify has released the feature in the latest beta versions of its app. It’s part of new capabilities that Apple has…

Uber is Completely Overhauling its App

Uber Completely Overhauling its App

Uber is now completely overhauling its app for its users. The company will be merging its ride-hailing and food delivery apps. The company will also be adding a multitude of new features to the app and boost alternate modes of…

You will now be able to schedule tweets from Twitter’s web app
Social Media World

Twitter Introducing Multiple Timelines

Twitter is now introducing multiple timelines feature that will allow users to quickly swipe between different groups of accounts directly from their home screens. Users will be able to add up to 5 lists as alternate timelines in the mobile…

YouTube Makes Major Changes to its Kids' Content System

YouTube Backtracks on its Verification Changes

This news story is an update to previous story featured on Appy Pie News. On Thursday, YouTube announced that the company will be bringing major changes to its verification program and that it will be taking away verification badges from…

YouTube Makes Major Changes to its Kids' Content System

YouTube Makes Changes to its Verification Program

After some major changes to its policies in the last few months, YouTube is now making changes to its verification program. The changes will make it difficult for growing channels to get a verification mark beside their channel name. The…