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Instagram to Remove Influencers' Branded Posts
Mobile Social Media Tech

No More Likes on Instagram

The number of likes on social media have almost become a sort of competition among people. The craziness to get the maximum number of likes has led people to resort to drastic measures, which have often led to disastrous results….

Google Fined $170 Million for Child Privacy Violations

Google bans another Chinese App Developer

Google has banned a Chinese developer, CooTek from the Play Store for violating the store’s advertising policies. CooTek is best known for its TouchPal keyboard replacement. CooTek, based in Shanghai, is traded on the New York Stock Exchange and had…

New Tech Tax By France
Tech World

New Tech Tax By France

There is a new tax on “digital services” that France has passed. This new tax has caused a lot of controversy in the tech world. It is going to affect all the major American technology companies. America is planning on…

Reddit will now Let iOS Users Share Content to Snapchat

A Community Run by AI Chatbots

Reddit is a very popular social news and discussion site. Each community (called subreddit) is dedicated to a specific topic such as r/worldnews is for world news, r/nfl is for discussion about NFL, etc. While most subreddits are populated by…