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TikTok launches its first personalized annual recap feature

Now TikTok users will also have their own year-in-review feature. The company has announced the launch of its first personalized annual recap feature with the launch of Year on TikTok, a video highlight reel that showcases individual users’ own top TikTok moments. This includes things like how long you have been on TikTok, what sort of videos you watched most, your favorite tracks and creative effects, metrics on how often you commented and shared videos, and more.

The feature will identify favorite vibes – the sort of videos users like or any of the now numerous communities that have become popular on the video platform. If users haven’t been on TikTok for a time, TikTok says their Year on TikTok will include other top videos from Year on TikTok – Top 100 list.

The content for the recap is produced in a familiar way. Users will vertically scroll down through a video that provides the details of the 2020 interests and activities. Users also have the option to share that video directly to their own TikTok profile to receive a special profile badge that puts 2020 on top of the user profile photo.

The app’s Year on TikTok page includes highlights to browse like popular memes, creators, top viral videos, celebs, impactful creators, top popular songs, and other year-end trends.

TikTok users will be able to access their Year on TikTok by tapping the icon on their For You feed. The accuracy of TikTok’s recap is debatable. TikTok informed top vibes were things like home, travel, and animal videos. That’s true too, but it’s an incomplete list and doesn’t match up with the majority of past “likes.” It seems that TikTok may be curating the experience to focus on positive vibes, and political videos and themes didn’t make the cut.

Regardless of its attempts, social features that offer users a personalized perspective of how they engaged with an app throughout the year have proven to be a fairly popular mechanism.

Spotify’s Wrapped users began to complain that people’s Wrapped shares were dominating and overwhelming their social feeds at year-end. Spotify partially addressed the issue by offering new customization options for its 2020 Wrapped that allows users to adjust the color of their Wrapped card.

The hashtag #YearOnTikTok has gone up to 5.4 billion views. The real test will be on the number of creators getting the 2020 badge stuck on their profile.

The developers remarked, “We have always wanted to focus more on year-in-review for content creators, and we have been working with creators to get their ideas. We have temporarily disabled the Highlight Reel feature.”

The app’s interactive features are engaging and its design is catchy, so hopefully, the developers can address the other issues soon!


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